Thursday, March 12, 2015

Willow Catkin

 I finished this one a while ago, during the time I was neglecting my blog. But, now I'm resolved to do better.
   This sculpture is in ceramic clay on a wire and batting armature. The stand is wood. I spun the wool on the mother's dress to be a variety of widths for a natural and fluffy texture. Her willow bud crown and the robin's egg are made with Paperclay.

   I though now would be a good time to post it because of it's spring theme. I never start with a meaning in mind because I love to see how the piece will evolve if I let my subconscious lead the way. That is the power and mystery of art, to me. The process is the exciting part. This one started with an offhand sketch of a mother showing her toddler an egg. I sculpted the faces and hands, fired, then painted them.

   Next I started to think about the fibers. I looked at my wool stash and the spring green and white jumped out at me as 'right'. As I worked, it started to remind me of a pussy willow bud, so I made the little girl's dress like a bud and gave the mother a branch for a crown. Only later did I learn that pussy willow is used in some Easter and Ostara rituals, which seems in-line with the emerging theme. It needed visual anchoring on the bottom, so I used some nubbly brown wool in a nest-like pattern at the bottom of the mother's dress. So, there you have it... sort of visual meditation on Spring, rebirth and sharing nature's wonder with our little one's. It's not for sale, it looks to nice on my bedroom dresser :)

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