Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ursula art doll

 I'm afraid I can't help it. Just when I have absolutely no time to spend making something whimsical, it is what I feel compelled to do. Ursula just came to me in a flash and needed me to make her. 

 Oh well, I can honestly say that I feel more grounded and centered now that she is here, so I suppose it was the best possible use of time in the the grand scheme of things.  If an artist can't follow her bliss sometimes, really, who can?!
Ursula and her baby bear are available on Etsy, and though my daughter will miss her, there will certainly be more where she came from ;)


Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

Well, she came out so beautiful!! If I wasn't building my house and saving every penny, I would TOTALLY take her home!! But I am sure you will continue making gorgeous dollies :)

Carolin Peters said...

Your dolls are absolutely exquisite! Where do you exhibit your work?

ArchetypalTheatre said...

Thanks! Karla - I hope your house building adventure is going smoothly. I'm sure I'll have some new little characters available when the time is right!

ArchetypalTheatre said...

Carolin, thank you! I was just looking at your website - you are so talented and the paintings are so thought provoking as well! I show my sculptures at the Gallery in the Woods in Brattleboro VT and in my Etsy shop.