Sunday, March 27, 2011


This new illustration is called 'Balanced' and it is based on one of my new figures. Hope you like it =) It is available for sale on Etsy. It is sort of wishful thinking for me - this creature is as calm and collected as I would like to become!


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Missy said...

Love this illustration. Hello and hi, always fun meeting people that are near me. I checked out your website and your children's illsutartions are pretty, I especially like the one with the girl wearing the green hat. I too was wondering or wanting to get together a group in our area, I know that the Cincinnati's Illustrator blog has some sorta lunch, but I've never been, I was looking for something just for children's, I'm not going to the SCBWI conference cuz I'm not a memeber yet cuz I can't seem to find chapter (if that's what you call in) around here. Nice connecting with you!