Thursday, January 27, 2011

Small Portraits

 I have been working on portrait samples and deciding on size/format and prices to offer. To start with, I am offering 5x7" oil on wood panel portraits from photos provided by clients for $395.  I plan to offer oil and watercolor portraits from photos through Etsy and my personal website. I have many more details on my Etsy listing page . Here are a couple of examples (done from photos of people very near and dear to my heart!)
In addition, I am planning to do more traditional portraits that are larger and more involved (similar to those I have done in the past). With these, I meet with the client to determine exactly what pose, format, clothing, mood etc. Then I take the photos myself and do some sketching from life. Most of the drawing and painting is done from these references in my studio with a short final sitting to make sure everything is spot on. Stay tuned for sample of these types of portraits. There is one on my blog already which is the one of my father.

I am so excited to be devoting more time and energy to this facet of my artwork because I have always been fascinated with drawing people. From the time I was a small child, I would stand, transfixed, in front of realistic portraits at museums, wondering how the artist accomplished it and what the subject's life was like. I finally feel like my skills are at a point where I can create portrait heirlooms for other people!