Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Painting of Baby and Me

Almost totally finished with this oil painting! My first experiment with a circular composition - I thought it would be appropriate for a mother and child subject. I've seen some like this in Italy, the one below is a Bottecelli.

And of course, I reviewed Marie Cassat. The other experimental aspect of this painting is that I didn't use an underpainting!


FairiesNest said...

It's beautiful! Completely captures the feeling between mother and child.

M. N. Navarro said...

I love your work. I think it's a very smart idea to get ideas from the renaissance masters! they really knew what they wer doing.

I would like to invite you to an art give away on my blog. I hope that, as an artist, you will be able to appreciate my blog and i hope for your support (i'm just starting out ;)

i hope you take a look around even if you don't participate :D

ruthie said...

oh my, i am in love with your portrait, its beautiful, and suits the canvas shape perfectly. Being a mom does give a different view to things, quite alot of my work has a mother and child theme, although i dont intentionally set out to make them so, mmm interesting.

TheSingingBird said...

your portrait is so lovely!!

Kiki L. said...

Sarah, I just saw the wonderful portrait of you and your baby. I also saw the portrait of just her. I am amazed at the accuracy and beauty that you have captured in both paintings. The baby looked just like that last summer, I would know her anywhere. If only I had a baby for you to paint....Perhaps you can photograph my "boy" while you are here next week and start a portrait. Let's talk about it.