Sunday, June 21, 2009

Earth Doll in Progress (also Happy Birthday to Me!)

First off, this is the wrapping on the special gift from my parents on my 30th b-day (June 19th). It represents paint for our new house and my father's offer to help get it on the walls! The photo is of my dad in his 20's showing off his muscles =) I thought it was appropriate on this Father's Day to acknowledge one of the many sweet things he does for me all year round.

On another note - these are photos of my doll for the ADO 4 Elements Challenge in progress. Just a reminder: Everyone is welcome to participate, just click on the link in my previous post.
Here she is painted. She is pretty huge. The head alone is 4". I had these lovely glass eyes and I started with that when determining the design, even though I had intended her to have a full body. Now I am reconsidering and trying to devise ways to make it a head, torso and hands composition without compromising the whole idea. Art is all about problem solving!

Here she is with the hair and with a swatch of the yarn I'm going to use to knit her a dress. She represents Earth and she will be holding a bit of sod with a flower growing from it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009