Friday, May 1, 2009

Ophelia WIP

Here is my Ophelia doll from Hamlet. She is still a work in progress, but I am working hard to have her finished for May 6th because that is the deadline for the ADO Shakespeare challenge. ADO members have all come up with some wonderful, unique interpretations of Shakesperian characters and there are interviews with the artists on the ADO blog.

My answers to the interview questions are thus:

1.What inspired you to undergo the (Shakespeare) Challenge? What character did you chose to create, and why?

I thought this challenge was particularly intriguing because there are so many wonderful characters and images in Shakespeare. Ophelia was the natural choice for me to do because I have been working with images of her and of submersion/emergence since my college days. This is a more literal representation than I usually do, a little less edgy, but still with some pathos.

2. What method(s) and materials did you use to create your characters?

I used Creative Paperclay for the head/hands/feet and wire/soft sculpture for the body. The costume is made from locally grown wool which I spun, felted and colored with plant dyes (it takes a lot of time, but the organic variations of shape and color are worth it!)

3. How long did it take to create your piece? What were the easier aspects of creating it? What were the more challenging parts?

I have no idea. A long time. The easy parts are sculpting the face, painting and fiber-work. Making hands that are sturdy, delicate and matching is torture for me. Oh, I started out with plans to make this a ball jointed doll which turned out to be basically a month of frustration, so I gave up on that!

4. Were you satisfied with the outcome of the art piece? Would you change anything, did you learn anything?

I like her =). She is still a work in progress, but she will be finished by the 6th, I swear it! As usual, I feel like I made progress and learned things as an artist, but there are improvements I would make on version 2.0. There’s nothing I would like to change, just more embellishment that I might add if I had more time (but we’ll see, I have all weekend to cover her dress and hair in flowers, and that may be enough!)

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M. N. Navarro said...

I love this doll, and all of your dolls for that matter. I think mythology and spirituality is a very genuine form of inspiration for good art. I am also inspired by mythology and spirituality and i think i can relate to your partiality to it. My art isn't overtly mythological or spiritual but there are several subtle undertones to it. I can't wait to see more of your dolls, they have a true life force to them, it shows in their eyes :)