Saturday, November 8, 2008

More from the field

No title for this one yet. I was thinking about 'Blessings' though because s/he reminds me of a sheaf of wheat or corn stalk and the hand gestures look almost like a benediction of some kind. I don't really start out to make them spiritual - they just all seem to take off in that direction! Oh well, I don't question the muse or else she may get fed up and leave me. Maybe I'll call him/her 'November' to make it a bit less direct and that is when s/he was born. In college, I refused to name anything because I wanted the image to say everything. However, it is an opportunity to add another layer of meaning or to give some insight. I like the names that Kina Crow gives her ceramic pieces for that reason. But when I make art, I don't think verbally at all, so it feels a bit contrived to name it after the fact. I have to think some more about this...

The felt is dyed with Osage and coffee this time. The base is carved from wood, which will be better for shipping if necessary. The last one had a rock as a base - lovely, but not so practical. This one will be for sale at the Essex show December 5th and 6th.


paintedskywoman said...

So mesmerizing. I love your creations. I am an avid fan of anything to do with fantasy art, so these draw me favorite is still Anne Shirley of Green is my Canadian roots.

So lovely. Keep sharing because I love looking at all the details of your work.

Justin Russell said...

This doll is lovely. She is poetic and poignant. Keep it up. Very inspiring!

Her colour is the warmth
Of the Sun in wheeling
Welkin, as the Season
Of Slumber is not yet
Settled 'pon her pos'd Shape.

FairiesNest said...

This piece is so wonderful! It really does have such a feeling of serenity...and I LOVE the horns! I've always been partial to a doll with horns. :)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I completely relate to your process, I don't have words either when my characters come along. Even though they always seem to have a story to tell. Hee, does that make sense.

this one does feel like a blessing, such a beautiful creation!