Friday, August 8, 2008

Vegetables, Herbs and Paintings

I can't resist including a photo of my little potted garden, which has been yielding up wonderful things for the kitchen, lately. And, of course, my favorite gardening buddy, who makes sure that the yard is safe from rabbits or other vegetable-loving creatures =) It's not art related, per se, but digging in the dirt keeps me grounded and that is important to someone who spends so much time in the heady world of ideas and images!

This is the latest incarnation of the 'big' painting. It may not seem like alot has changed, but I've been tweaking the color and learning alot as I go. I've also been doing some small 5x7 oil sketches on wood panel to explore color and composition. Below are three that accidentally happen to match up quite well in a row!

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