Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Landscape and the Art of Band Naming

Another painting done at the park. I need to cut some new boards, I can't keep up! However, I'm happy to say that I have some portrait and doll commissions to work on that will probably slow me down on producing sketches and studies like these for a while.
I found a great blog about painting - especially the technical aspects of it, like the properties of paint and various supports well as some discussion about art in general at I found it because I was looking up ways to use less solvent (I'm going to try using just oils and no mineral spirits as well as keeping my brushes submerged in oil when I'm not painting, rather than rinsing them out every day).
On another subject, I enjoy coming up with band names. I think it's funny =) I don't have a band, nor have I ever been in one, but that doesn't really hold me back in the naming department. So imagine how amused I was to find a site that will take words that you type in and generate a list of band names based on them. So the next time you are in silly mood, check out
I typed in 'art' and got False Art and the Power and Art of the Hasty Injury (seems to happen to me alot, especially when I'm making mixed media sculpture).


paintedskywoman said...

love the new paintings. Do you use photographs for all your commission paintings? I was never good at drawing or painting live models. I hate the pressure of producing any kind of art or sketches on demand. How do you go about doing it?

FairiesNest said...

The new painting is gorgeous! I loved the bit about band names! My hubby and I love to make them up, even though we've never been in a band either. Here are a couple of our favs:
The Ambidextrous Spatulas
Flint Westwood and the Thunder Dakota Children
...yeah we're probably a little to check out that site...

ArchetypalTheatre said...

Thanks! Yeah, I take the photos myself, if possible, so that I can interact with the subject and see their personality. I also don't like working in front of anyone - it makes me tense!
However, I'm going to start asking people to sit for about 45 minutes towards the end of the process because photos can lie, especially about color.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Your work is lovely :) I'm glad I found your blog!