Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall in the Air

This landscape study was alot of fun. I like to see how few colors I can use to make a complete palette. This one is just paynes grey, cad. yellow, tit. white and alizerin crimson.

I'm working on a quite a few things that I'm looking forward to posting about soon. I just finished a portrait commission and I'm started a new one next week, plus I've been sculpting alot and going to the park to do small plein air work. I never understood why plein air painting has such avid practitioners until I started doing it last week and, boy, now I get it! Life can hardly get any better than sitting in beautiful, natural setting, really looking at it and responding. The finished product is nice, but it's almost beside the point!

I also opened a new shop this week on Etsy. There are two different viens in my artwork, but I wanted each shop to have a coherent look. So the new one, Nature of Paint, is just paintings and portraits and Archetypal Theatre is still my art dolls.

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paintedskywoman said...

That is the great thing about etsy. You can have a bunch of different shops so that you can feed all the creative sides of yourself. In the "real" world they always want you to be "one" kind of artist. To train and work on one thing. I could never do that. I like to many different forms of art creation. I would suck as a regular artist. Thankfully I hope to - like you - have a bunch of different shops.