Monday, August 25, 2008


This is one that was a stretch for me because it is direct, wet into wet painting and I almost always use a grisaille underpainting with color glazes over top for portraits. I started it and I felt so unsure about the colors I was using that I scraped it all off and told myself that I just do grisaille and that was that! Then I went to see Ron Monsma do a portrait demonstration at a local gallery and saw that the colors he was using were not too far off what I had been trying, but I had given up before allowing the painting to resolve itself. So, I went home that night and painted this, which is not perfect, but still a big step for me. The experience drove home the importance of 1.) the value of seeing a more experienced painter work, 2.) having faith in what my eye is telling me and 3.) not being afraid or quittting when the picture feels out of control because that's actually a perfect opportunity to learn somthing new!
The painting is on an 11x11 3/4" wood panel and painted from a photo I took of a friend. She was walking through my house and the color harmony and composition with the partially open door and picture frame in the background seemed so perfect and meaningful, so I said, "Wait, stay right there while I get my camera!"

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Teaching Handwork said...

wow I wish I could paint like that!