Thursday, June 5, 2008

In Progress (hearts and socks)

Here is the painting I have working on for a couple of weeks. It is dealing with the vanitas portrait subject matter some more. It is loosely based on a portrait of Anne of Cleves which was commissioned by Henry VIII so that he could see if she was pretty enough for him to marry (incidentally, he liked the portrait, but was disappointed in the flesh and blood woman and annulled the marriage after 6 months).
It still needs a few touches, but this is pretty much it. You can see a little bit of my process here, which is to rough things in using burnt sienna and white, then glazing over that with color.
Also, another piece in progress is this little girl in red socks. I love socks. I carry a pair in my purse whenever I wear sandals out because I would hate to be caught anywhere without recourse to a comforting pair of socks. So, it was really only a matter of time before I started dressing my dolls in them.

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