Friday, May 23, 2008


Here is my new doll, she is pose-able, 20” and she sits on her pedestal, deep in contemplation. I think she is meditating on the nature of creation:
“To create” seems to mean that from nothing you suddenly have something. I prefer to use the expression “manifestation” to the word “creation.” Look deeply, and you can understand creation in terms of manifestation. Just as we can understand a cloud as a manifestation of something that has always been there, and the rain as the end of the cloud manifestation, we can understand human beings, and even everything around us, as a manifestation that has come from somewhere and will go nowhere…I very much like the term “Wonderful Becoming.” It is close to the true meaning of creation.
~Thich Nhat Hanh
No Death, No Fear


TheSingingBird said...

your "manifestations" are bringing forth your soul-song and they are lovely to see and hear :)

FairiesNest said...

She's lovely, and I really like your use of manifestation instead of creation...each piece of art as a showcase for a bit of our very diverse being...wonderful!