Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Sculptures

Here are my next two large sculptures in progress. I like working on two at a time because then one can dry while I'm working on the other and if I'm fatigued from sculpting something detailed like a hand, I can take a mental break by doing something less painstaking on the other piece.
You might also notice that I paint the faces before building the body. That is because I get impatient to really 'meet' the character and feel a connection to her. That makes it easier to delve into sculpting the body, which can be daunting at first - I start to feel like I owe this little person a beautiful body! The more finished one in the photos still needs a bit more meat on her bones and I'm working on the hands separately from the body (I'll finish and sand them before attaching them).


FairiesNest said...

Your work is absolutely enchanting!I will definitely visit often.

Sarah Pogue said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you found me on the web =) Your work is wonderful and I'll definately be frequenting your blog as well.