Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to work

I'm back from Colorado where I had been visiting friends and doing some cross country skiing. I also showed my work to one of my favorite galleries out there and it was a positive experience. We'll see what comes of it, but at least I know what kinds of questions I should be ready to answer and that galleries will at least consider my sculpture, even though it is rather unorthodox.

I have two new large sculptures in the works and I'm feeling encouraged to get back to work on them. They take a lot of time and effort, so it would be great to know at the outset if there was a market for them. Not that I would stop making them if there wasn't - I would just have to let it be my hobby and concentrate elsewhere career-wise. Here is a photo of a head in progress. This one will be a full body sculpt based on Flora (to make a matched set). The other one looks a little like Shannon Doherty because I've been watching episodes of 'Charmed' like a fiend recently =)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Winter and new photography resolution

Here are photos of the Fauna sculpture (with the marrionette theater background I made last year). I decided that I needed to step it up with the photography, especially if I want to sell things online. Although I doubt I would ever buy anything this expensive without seeing it in person! Thus I have also decided to begin approaching galleries. I'm not getting my hopes up, but at least it will lead to some feedback, I'm hoping.

I'm having a confidence crisis actually. I feel so energized and in love with my creations sometimes and then other times I'm like "Jeez, I should have a better back up plan!" Like last night when I finished the new doll (the dark haired one shown here), I was so thrilled. But now I'm worried that she's too much doll and not enough art with her dress. Also, I spent weeks sculpting her body and then covered it up! She started out as an homage to the goddess Innana/Ishtar, but at the eleventh hour, I decided that she was the embodiment of winter instead. (And I think I must be right about that beacuse the snow started coming down here right after I finished her and now we are in a full on blizzard!) But anyway, after I decided she was Winter, I couldn't very well let her go naked in the cold. So I felted a bunch of wool roving for her bodice and added some silk for her skirt.

In other news (i.e. media), I finished a new painting as well. More realistic. Sort of. And I have mixed feelings about it, too. Oh well, if I couldn't find anything to improve, I would probably get bored and quit art (and start making money?) It has two titles: The Stone Cairn or Journey's End. Once again, the image came to me before the meaning. It is a portrait of a weary traveller who has ended up where it all began, with herself. Wherever you go there you are =) I've done alot of traveling and searching for happiness outside of myself, but that's not where its at. Also it can refer to the inner exploration which is what I have always been fascinated with and approached through my art and meditation. I'm wearing my painting smock in this peice (yes, it is a self portrait). I am determined to get more models for my paintings, I just feel uncomfortable as photographer or, heaven forbid, asking someone to sit still for hours.
So now I'm resolved to do three things: take better photos, approach galleries and ensnare... er, find models. I'll report back on my progress!