Monday, January 14, 2008

Work in Progress: Fauna

This doll is an experiment for me. She is the first figure I have made using store bought eyes and I love the lifelike quality they lend. I completed the head first because I like to get an idea of the personality as soon as possible (the doll makes those decisions for herself, I'm just along for the ride). So this one turns out to be a representation of Fauna, a Roman goddess of fertility, animal life, peace and healing.

The head was made by creating a foil armature, building up layers of paperclay, embedding the eyes, sanding (obsessively) and then painting with several layers of acrylics. I have begun her hands as well, but they are not yet painted. These really take the most patience because the forms are complicated and each hand has to match the other!
Next, I sketched the body proportions and made a wire and foil armature and then positioned her in the pose I want. She will be kneeling and holding a small bird - forming a nest with her hands. Oh, I'm so excited!

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