Sunday, January 13, 2008


The idea behind this blog is to share my process of making art and how art and life intertwine for me. I'll start by introducing myself and my background. I'm a professional artist working primarily in oil, watercolor and mixed media sculpture. The uniteing themes in my work are archetypes, myth, magic, psychology and spirituality as they relate to the human form and the natural landscape.

I grew up in Ohio, studied liberal arts (major in art and education) at Carleton College in Minnesota, painting at Studio Art Centers International in Italy and transpersonal psychology with an emphasis in art therapy at Naropa University in Colorado.

Above is a visual introduction: this is a recent self portrait that is one in a series dealing with humans with animal horns. This combination has ancient origins - make of it what you will. I started it without alot of thought as to the meaning (This is characteristic of my process. I tend to get an idea and only begin to understand it as I create the actual image). I've come to understand it as a representation of the merger of female (my image) and male (horns are traditionally related with male energy) qualities within one being. Also, the rams horns are a fitting symbol of my determined nature. And right now, I'm determined to live the artist's life!


Anonymous said...

These images are inspiring and creative. The one thing I can say is that there is a consistency that underlies all of the images and dolls. A zen-like, earthy feeling that combines a sense of the self with a sense of folklore turned on its head. I like the juxtapositions you make between the masculine and feminine archetypes in the descriptions, especially in the self-portrait with horns. I do agree with the Snow Whitch tho. I think that she needs something in her dress, but she herself is very beautiful. There needs to be more symbolism in her clothing, I think. The Chakra Babies are great! What a cool concept. I am struck by the application(s) that they may have attached to them. Colours resonate and I think that including those colours with each baby will make them resonate with each Chakra. Very cute, too ;p

Very much looking forward to more work!

ArchetypalTheatre said...

Thanks!Great feedback =)