Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fauna progresses and new projects

So, now I'm building up the paperclay as well as sanding it down as needed. That is one of the great things about this clay - you can add and subtract at any time. Fauna is still kind of skinny, but I don't want to lose the child-like quality, either. You can see the photo reference for the pose in the background.
The painted face is a doll that began with a blue fabric I love. The pale blue eyes are perfect with it and then the black hair is an interesting contrast. She reminds me of a cool evening, so that is the theme I want her to embody.
The funny, little figure on the bottom is the moon winking. She will be holding some stars suspended from her top hand. The way I am making her body is based on the techniques that Wendy Froud uses in her video demonstrating how to make a fairy doll (highly recommended, find it at And, finally, we have the head of what si turning out to be an elf, which shows the early stages of a sculpt in paperclay with pre-baked fimo eyeballs.
In other news, I've opened a shop on with some of my paintings and sculptures. I love the new craft movement, it is really empowering for artists and buyers (and I am both!) My shop is at

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